Forgive Heart

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What is a more loving gesture than to forgive? Self-forgiveness may be the ultimate challenge of the practice. 

I created the FORGIVE heart because I found I needed a way to express the sentiment and 'begin' the process that has never been easy for me but this heart helped me through a very tough time.

Wounded relationships and psyche are not easily healed, but recalling to err is human, to forgive divine, giving someone the FORGIVE heart provides tangible evidence when you are asking or offering forgiveness to create a metaphysical path which may lead toward healing.

If you have ever made a mistake for which you wish to ask forgiveness or perhaps been the victim of unkindness and now seek to forgive, this little talisman may help pave the way. No guarantee the offer will be accepted, of course, but keep in mind one gives or offers forgiveness for oneself to begin the process of healing.

•Heart made of ruby glass
•1.5" X 1.5" X .5" 
•imprinted with FORGIVE in gold ink
•tucked into a cello bag with heart confetti, and FORGIVE Story and gift card