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Decades ago my husband hid a little glass heart to surprise me, and the simple gesture grew into a cherished 'love note' and now you can keep the language of love alive with one of our glass hearts to create an enduring, positive, sentimental, romantic, fun and charming expression of affection for a lover, family member or friend.

Our hearts were made by Peltier Glass Company  of molded, durable smooth to the touch glass, then pad-printed by hand with words or symbols in gold or silver ink--

Our hearts measure 1.5 x 1.5 x .5", weigh approximately 1.6 oz. and-

♥Promote non-verbal positive communication between couples and family members
♥Make a memorable bridal and anniversary gift
♥Make a charming Hostess and House Warming gift
♥Are hidden for guests at Bed and Breakfast Inns
♥Offer hospital patients a special message of encouragement and comfort
♥Offer a sustained message of support and sympathy
♥Are a sentimental and appreciated gift of remembrance

Hand inscribed dates and names can be added to the side of a heart upon request

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