About Hide A Heart

When shared between lovers, or expanded to other family members and friends, the little glass heart is an enchanting and charming way to express affection and inspires positive communication among just about every age group.

Glass Hearts Made in USA

Peltier Glass Company, established in 1886 and located in Ottawa, Illinois made Hide A Heart’s original plain glass hearts of molded glass in the original molds in the original method up until closing the factory in 2011. 

Hide A Heart is honored to have had our original hearts made by Peltier Glass Company and be part of the greater assemblage of illustrious clientele. 

We continue to use fused or molded glass hearts made in the USA for our products for which I create the inspiration ideas for adaptation, gift tags, and story cards. 

Tim at Lifeforce Glass in Tennessee currently pad prints each heart individually by hand, then returns the hearts to Hide A Heart inventory for sales.